Custom Lifting Equipment

No matter what industry you are in, lifting oversized, cumbersome parts or installments can be a daunting task. One-size-fits-all lifting equipment can often let you down and create more problems than solutions. When you need custom lifting equipment to ensure that you can complete your job without harm to yourself, others, and your product, look no further than Carpenter Crane.

For over two decades, our team has been designing, manufacturing, and supplying custom lifting equipment to a variety of specialty industries. With us as your go-to lifting equipment supplier, you can have peace of mind knowing that you will be able to move your product without any issues. Continue to explore this page for more information regarding our custom lifting equipment.

Why Choose Custom Lifting Equipment

When you decide to work with Carpenter Crane, you choose a high-quality solution to all of your niche lifting needs. With experience in many unique industries, including aerospace and pharmaceutical, we know what it takes to design and manufacture lifting equipment of all shapes and sizes. With this type of precision, your products or parts will remain completely secure as you move them to their desired space.

Why Choose Our Custom Lifting Equipment

We pride ourselves immensely on the high-quality materials that we use to create our lifting equipment. Not only that, but we also have some of the best minds in the crane and lifting equipment industry working for us, and they are sure to come up with a design that will make your job easier. Just discuss your individual lifting needs with us and we will be more than happy to help.

Are you ready to find out more? Contact Carpenter Crane today by filling out our online contact form. Browse more of our website to see some of the unique lifting products that we have provided to our clients in the past.