Industrial Cranes

Carpenter Crane Hoist has been in the business of building clean room cranes as well as traditional cranes since 1996. CCH has developed a line of pre-engineered freestanding cranes. The cranes can be either light track workstation cranes or traditional I beam cranes. The light track cranes can be either top running or under hung with motorized end trucks and hoist trolleys.
Along with the standard bridge cranes CCH builds jib cranes and gantry cranes for a variety of applications.
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Freestanding Light Track Cranes

Carpenter Crane has developed a line of freestanding cranes that meet the stringent California seismic code requirements with out any bracing to the building structure. CCH uses a track product made by Gorbel. We have built cranes ranging from 125 lb capacity through 25 ton using the Gorbel track product.

Ceiling Suspended Light Track Crane

Many times a freestanding crane is not practical. For these applications we can hang the crane from the building structure. This will free up some valuable floor space and give free movement under the crane.

Freestanding “I” Beam Cranes

Carpenter Crane’s freestanding structure is suitable for higher capacity traditional I beam cranes. It can be either top running or under running in either single girder or double girder bridge.

Building Supported Cranes

Many times the crane is designed o be supported from the building columns or roof structure. This can be done as a retro fit or new construction.
CCH can work with a structural engineer to determine the best way to support a crane in an existing facility.

Jib Cranes

Often the most efficient way to handle a load is with a jib arm or articulated arm. These can take on several configurations. We can have them freestanding, ceiling mounted and track mounted. CCH has developed a unique way of mounting a freestanding jib crane without a foundation, using helical anchors.

Gantry Cranes

CCH can supply standard gantries as well as custom built gantries for a specific purpose. They can be track mounted or mounted on air casters.

Central Coast Wine Service

CCWS needed to replace an existing gondola dumping system. They had an old system with a hoist that was beyond repair. The structure was structurally sound and could be used again. CCH designed a retrofit for the existing structure to install CCH’s gondola dumping system. The system CCH has developed is better suited for dumping the off center load of a grape gondola. Using geometry and unique rigging along with a better control system, CCH’s gondola dump crane significantly reduces the loading on the hoist and structure.

CCH was able to place a monorail on top of the existing crane structure for the enhanced dump system.