Cleanroom Cranes

Special Design Systems for Production Lines

Cleanrooms have very unique requirements.  To build a cleanroom crane or fixtures, requires it be built…Clean. CCH is one of a very few crane manufacturers that has an in-house cleanroom to properly offer such a product.

Lifting equipment for cleanroom applications is CCH’s forte; 25 years of supplying this equipment to some of the largest semiconductor and pharmaceutical companies is its own proof of our superiority.  We’ve done it all…Freestanding, ceiling suspended, jib with articulating arm, all custom to the needs of the customer.

Special Handling

Cleanroom products must go through our cleanroom to be prepared for shipping.  Special care is taken to ensure the products are clean and well protected for shipping. Delivering cleanroom lifting equipment requires special handling.

A major issue is being able to get the equipment into the cleanroom and maneuver it into place.  In many applications, we fabricate stands with casters.  Special care is needed to ensure the products shipped remain properly packaged and securely crated to be shipped around the globe.

Portable Lifting Equipment

Many customers require unique lifting devices that can be portable and disassembled. In some cases, the challenge is to supply this equipment in rugged cases and be usable in cleanrooms. CCH is always up for the challenge for whatever the customer needs.