Clean Room Cranes

Carpenter Crane Hoist has been in the business of building clean room cranes since 1996. Clean room cranes have some very unique specifications  and require considerable expertise to provide a crane that won’t contaminate the environment it will be used in. Over the years, CCH has developed a large variety of products to ensure the cranes will meet the intended cleanliness level. Many of the products we have developed are proprietary and derived from the needs of our customers.

CCH can fabricate cranes with capacities from 125 lbs to 25 tons. We have the capability to build a variety of freestanding cranes as well as jib cranes and articulated arms.

Freestanding clean room cranes

Carpenter Crane has developed a line of freestanding cranes that meet the stringent California seismic code requirements with out any bracing to the building structure. CCH uses a track product made by Gorbel. The track is coated with a fusion bonded polymer.  Over the years we have done testing and found the coating to be clean and durable. This track product is used on our 125lb cranes and up our 25 ton clean room crane.

Ceiling Suspended Crane

A freestanding crane is not always practical. For these applications we can hang the crane from the building structure. This will free up valuable floor space and give free movement under the crane.

Jib Cranes

Often, the most efficient way to handle a load is with a jib arm or articulated arm. These can take on several configurations. We can have them freestanding, ceiling mounted or track mounted. Many of the jib cranes we have built have been mounted directly on the equipment they are servicing.

Samsung Austin Semiconductor

Samsung needed a way to safely service the chambers on their processing equipment. CCH was asked to develop a lifting solution. We have been building tool mounted jib cranes as an OEM since 1996. We redesigned and improved a similar project to include some unique features like a float control for the hoist and a radio control for the operator. A longer reach gives the operator the ability to remove a component and place it on a portable bench for servicing.

Prince George Lumber Mill

The PG Mill was having a high failure rate on their pumps and motors due to the extremely dirty working environment of the pulp mill. The solution was to give them a way to control the environment and the contamination. CCH proposed a 2 ton clean room crane for lifting the components and a clean room with a load lock and gowning area to control the contamination.