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About Us

Carpenter Crane Hoist Warehouse

Carpenter Crane Hoist was started in 1996 as the seventh division of The Carpenter Group. The division was started by Dane Oliver bringing his years of experience in the crane industry. The experience Mr. Oliver brought was specializing in light capacity cranes and clean room applications. Since 1996 CCH has continually developed technologies to enhance their capability in the clean room crane industry. CCH has strived to find a way to fulfil their customer’s needs. If no one made what they needed they would modify what they could or design and build it themselves. CCH found a need to build the cranes in a clean environment so CCH built a unique clean room using the crane structure to support the ceiling and walls of the clean room. This has led to building turnkey clean rooms with cranes for customers.

A key part of developing clean room lifting equipment is being able to test the equipment to ensure it meets the customer’s application. CCH has a test chamber and particle counter for testing equipment to verify the design will be clean enough. CCH builds standard industrial cranes along with the clean room products. Building crane up to 40 tons as well as gantries and jib cranes. With the products developed for the clean room cranes CCH has been able to use them for unique industrial applications. One of the proprietary products that has enabled CCH to excel in the clean room business is a coating used on an enclosed track. This product has been used in highly corrosive environments such as plating lines. It has also allowed CCH to produce clean room cranes that will meet a class 10 environment up to 25 ton capacity.

With the development of specialized products for cranes there came a need to be able to test what CCH has designed. The Carpenter Group has pull testers that can pull up to 1.2 million pounds. CCH has also designed a tester for testing lifting beam up to 25 tons and 30’. CCH also found a need for test weights that can be used in a clean environment. As a result CCH builds test weights suitable for use in a clean room. With years of designing and building clean room cranes CCH has developed an expertise that has allowed them work with most of the top companies around the world.

Custom-Built Test Weight