Crane Systems Designed and Built for the Job

Creating Hoisting Mechanisms That Fit Your Specific Needs

Carpenter Crane
25 -Ton cleanroom crane at Johnson Space Center For NASA's James Webb Telescope project

The Experts in Building Custom Crane and Hoist Systems

Carpenter Crane Hoist for over 25 years has been designing and building specialized hoist and lifting equipment for industrial and cleanroom applications. An American owned company, we can provide complete turnkey service from design & engineering through fabrication & installation, with a customer base that is worldwide.

Expanded Capabilities

Located in a new 30,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility, it allowed us to expand our capabilities and handle the growth it has seen.

A key component in this is our in-house class 1000 cleanroom, which has made us able to deliver these products need by the aerospace, pharmaceutical, and semiconductor industries.

With our in-house engineering team, CCH continues to push technology in innovative design and automation.

Industries Served

  • Semiconductor

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Aerospace

  • General Industry