Due to the nature of our business, testing is a significant part of what we do. The equipment CCH designs and builds needs to have the capacity verified. The clean room technology equipment we design must meet the specific requirements of each customer. CCH has the capability to load test, pull test and particle test all of the products we make. Material science is a large part of micro-contamination. CCH has a test chamber and particle counter to verify our design meets the requirements. CCH has designed and built our own beam tester that can load test lifting beams to 25 ton at 30’.

Load Testing

Carpenter Crane has designed and built test weights for clean room testing as well as standard test weights. Clean room test weights need to meet the cleanliness requirements for the specific environment. Our weights come with casters and a handle for easy transport on site.

Pull Testing

Many of the components we build require a pull test to verify the capacity of the part. Pulling a part to destruction determines if the required safety factor has been designed into the part.

Particle Testing

Many of the components and assemblies we design need to meet a specific level of cleanliness. In our clean room we have an isolation chamber specifically for particle testing that gives us a zero back ground environment for testing.

Lifting Beam Testing

Lifting beams are one of the many under the hook devices that we build.  CCH found a need for a tester to easily test the beams we build. CCH designed a beam tester to test beams to 25 ton and 30’ long.

Samsung Austin Semiconductor

Samsung need a crane to service the equipment in a more efficient way. CCH designed a crane that mounts onto their equipment. The crane operates in a class 10 environment. CCH used a crane made by one of our suppliers. We had to first test to see how clean the crane was. We then needed to modify the crane to make it clean enough to meet the requirement. Once the changes were made we then were able to verify that the crane meets the clean room requirement.