Carpenter Crane Hoist has developed a diverse line of hoists for a variety of applications. Our customers’ specific requirements have led to some very special modifications to existing hoists, as well as designing our own hoist.

We have developed over 200 components to retrofit existing hoists for the clean room environment.

Our line of totally sealed stainless steel hoists meet the stringent requirements for corrosive environments.

The continual drive for more head room has resulted in a very diverse line of hoists to fit these types of applications.

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Clean room hoists

CCH has clean room hoists available from 125lb to 25 tons. Our hoists can meet the most stringent molecular contamination requirement as well as clean rooms to class 10 and pharmaceutical requirements.

CCH has developed a control package for ultra fine lifting control that is not load sensitive.

NOAA research facility

NOAA built a new facility for examining marine life, focusing on Whales and Dolphins. They needed a stainless steel hoist that could hold up to the corrosive salt water environment. CCH  designed a line of hoists called the “Tube Hoist”. This is a wire rope hoist with all the moving components inside of a six inch stainless steel tube. The hoist was originally designed for tight headroom applications for the semiconductor industry. It was an easy design change to make the hoist out of stainless steel and seal it for wash down cleaning.

Delta Star

Multi Hoist Lift

The customer needed to lift a transformer that weighed 100 tons. The problem was his existing crane could only lift 70 tons. A second crane was needed to work with the existing crane to make the lift. They determined that the runways couldn’t handle the entire load. The solution was a second crane to share the load and stay a distance from the other crane so the runways wouldn’t be overloaded. CCH built a 40 ton crane with a control system that would sense the lifted load. There was also a laser system to keep the crane far enough apart so the runways wouldn’t be overloaded. Once the lifting problem was solved, a spreader beam was designed to share the load unequally.

Pharmaceutical and food grade hoists

CCH has hoists for the variety of applications for wet or dry GMP standards.
We have stainless steel hoists that are sealed for wash down applications. We also have hoists that are nickel plated to withstand the harsh wipe down chemicals used for disinfecting.

Industrial Hoists

CCH is a distributor for several lines of hoists. We are master distributors for Harrington and R&M hoists. We have electric chain hoists starting at 125 lbs. up to 100 ton wire rope hoists.
Along with the crane, we designed the lifting fixtures for the servicing and a cart to store the fixtures on when not in use.

San Ramon Boats

Multi Hoist Lift

San Ramon boats was building a new facility and needed a crane for handling the boats.
When the boats are delivered they are stacked on a trailer. It is very difficult to off load the boats and put them on individual trailers. CCH designed a crane system that would have two bridges and each bridge would have two hoists. The operator has the ability to operate each hoist independently, in pairs or all at one time. Each crane can be operated independently or together. This gives the operator the ability to set the rigging for each hoist and then operate the hoists together to move the boat to the new trailer. This is all done by one person with a radio remote control. San Ramon Boats was able to off load the boats safer,faster and with no damage to the boats.