Hoist Control Options







Pendant with Variable Speed Control

Hoist pendant modified for 3-Step Variable speed control. This allows the user to have

more precise control over the lifted part than with the basic pendant control. This is a

direct replacement for the standard two speed control. This option also has an EMO

button for power shut off.






Radio Control with Variable Speed

Radio control for the hoist for wireless operation. The radio has 3-Step variable speed

and includes the radio and receiver.  Not only does this feature allow for precise control

of the lifting speed of the part, but the radio includes a belt strap so that the user can

wear the radio around their hip.  The radio is always within reach of

the user, but allows the user more free motion around the equipment.  Both hands are then  free to work on

the equipment if it is needed. The freedom to be able to move around the tool and part without having to

worry about the pendant wire is a huge benefit to the user.







Load Cell with Digital Display

A load cell with a digital display of the lifted load reading. This is a feature that has been

used on many previous applications and is well accepted by safety. As a safety feature,

there is an amber warning light that will blink when a load is at 100% of

the capacity of the hoist and once 125% is exceeded, the up direction will be shut off

(down direction will still operate) until the load is reduced.







4) Precision Inching Control Package This control package can be added to any

CCH hoist that also has radio control.  This control package is 2-Step infinitely

variable, and allows for very slow precise speeds that are not load sensitive.  This

allows the user to lower a part very precisely at a “creep” speed. The low speed and

high speed are adjustable as well as the acceleration and deceleration. With the

radio being able to be worn with the included belt strap, the user can move around the

equipment as needed to help guide the part into place.







Float Control Package

CCH float controls. This control package can be added to any CCH hoist but the hoist

must also have the precision inching control package, load cell with digital display, and

radio control options as well.  This additional float control allows the user to manually

move the load up and down by hand while the float control mode is engaged. As the

user lifts up on the part, the hoist will raise, and as the user pushes down on the part the

hoist will lower. This allows for very precise motion, and alignment of sensitive parts.

The user can have both hands on the part, and raise and lower the lifted part all by

hand without having to push the joystick on the radio. This allows the user to lower

sensitive parts into place as slowly as they would like.  This is a huge benefit to the user,

allowing them to move a part into place and align sensitive components before setting

them completely into place.


This control package will look the same as the inching control package.